About Adam West

About Adam West
Adam West
A Long Silence, Adam West
A Long Silence, Adam West

I write so I may pass the things I feel important, in story. To my daughter. If, tomorrow, I am no longer here to do so.


See, before, at a time beyond me now, I was someone different. A man blanketed, suffocating on the threads, I’d spun around myself. This year was about breaking out of that web, sloughing away the tendrils that clung. Worry, fear, and jealousy had grown to me like vines to a tree, but I didn’t let those vines choke the life from the hands that could pull me free. I rewrote myself. Now, I grow trees in the adultwood of others in need.


—Adam West, “A Long Silence”

Born in New England, Adam loses his father at a very young age and somehow allows this moment to stunt his growth. After another traumatic experience around his 30s, he finds a gap, one that in its sharpness bits into the flow of creation, and in the course of a year he discovers writing, painting, and drawing. The same 2018, he wins a Nation Novel Writing Month, and in 2019 — the first-ever Prodigious.Work Prize for “Literary-Ludic Publishing for Adults.” Later on, a specific group of people becomes interested in what he started off as “ridiculous and satirical slew of short stories,” and currently, Adam West profits his free time to improve on writing paused growth spots.

In “Young Tales to Tree Your Adultwood,” Adam West strips away his own mind in what family, friends, social life and even his own existence are. Sludged-to-a-stop into the waters of learning, he undermines expectations inviting you to grasp and live life as it is, to fall into a quiet movement and silenced exude where value in a pause, in halting to listen, in stopping to see where footsteps guide you result in you choosing life and your next destination. Adam wades his pen to “tree your adulthood,” chasing away hurry, critics, and stress, letting you rebuild a life out of trauma. His short stories bring existential moral and are adequate as “self-help reading.”

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